Should I Build?

house frame made out of two-by-fours
If you're looking to move into a house that better suits your needs, you should consider building your home. If you build your home, you won't have to worry about the needs of an older house. Everything will be brand new. You will have many years in the home before you need to replace anything, assuming you keep up on the annual maintenance checks. This will ultimately save you money. Newer homes have a lot more flexibility in the plans in regard to technology too. You would have to remodel an older home to have a lot of these same capabilities.


man holding his construction worker's hat
Your home builders will work off the architectural plan you give them. If you're building custom like I know you want to, those custom builders will be able to do a lot more for your needs and wants than stock builders. Custom builders have a much smaller volume of homes they are building, so they can dedicate a lot more time to you and making your home the way you want it than a stock builder who has many homes they are building at the same time, splitting their attention between multiple locations. You want more attention, knowing they care about the job they do on your new home.

Custom vs. Stock

You've decided to build your home. Now you need to decide if you want to build your home custom, or stick with stock plan. Both types have things to recommend them. Custom is obviously far more customizable in terms of size, layout, and accessibility, but it's limited in the type of home you can build because it's used for single-family homes. They are also typically a lot more expensive than stock homes, which are built for people with any budget, but if you want a high-end home that fits your needs to a tee, custom is the way you want to go.

More Possibilities

picture of a movie theater room
Custom homes have a lot more design possibilities than stock homes. You can build your custom home to have every amenity you have ever wanted in your home, assuming you can afford it. Whether you love the outdoors and sports, you are more a fan of music and dance, or you enjoy books and movies, you can build your home to have the gym, dance room, or theater you have always imagined. Maybe you have secrets you don't want anyone to know about, or find your collection of rare stamps. You could add a hidden safe, or you could even go all out and throw in an entire secret room. It's up to you and your imagination.

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